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Where Are They Now? Nora Abousteit

Remember Nora? She co-founded the online sewing community BurdaStyle and travels the world speaking about innovation at tech conferences like DLD and Picnic. It’s just another day at the office for Nora as she grows the company and sets her sights on book publishing! 

Q. Last time we talked BurdaStyle had just over 325,000 members and you had recently moved to your new office in Manhattan. What have you and the team been up to since then?

A. We’ve reached half a million members! We’ve been at nearly 30 craft fairs and trade shows last year, one of our members (Maryy) made it to Project Runway in Finland (she became a member three years ago and was a beginner!), and, we’re on TV, we shot an episode on PBS, BurdaStyle was presented by our member Gretchen. Oh yes, and in Fall we will publish our first book with Random House (Potter Craft.)

The BurdaStyle Team

Q. What are your plans for 2011 and further down the line? Still planning to start a new venture?

A. Yes, still planning to do the new venture, multiple communities for makers, going into other crafts.

Q. Your main piece of advice was to always research and be willing to launch quickly, knowing you can go back and change original designs and ideas. Since we’ve spoken last, have there been any examples of going back to the drawing board and sorting through problems with BurdaStyle? What about examples of great success?

A. We’ve also redesigned the home page, it didn’t reflect our community anymore, the direction where we developed. We have much more high quality content uploaded to the site and want to feature more of that. And - we used to have around 12k users sign up, now we get up to 17k per month:)

Q. Any lessons learned or advice that you could share with the shatterbox community?

A. As your team grows, people might get frustrated if they don’t have clear job descriptions. I learned that it is very important to define what people’s tasks are so everyone knows what to expect from each other.

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